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Project Showcase: A Collaboration by West Elm, Mary Jo Hoffman and New Era Portfolio

Posted by Elizabeth Stirling on Apr 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

One retailer had a vision of developing a product line that would delight their guests by bringing semblances of nature indoors via wall décor. In partnership with New Era Portfolio and a minimalist nature photographer and blogger Mary Jo Hoffman, the product line came to life and is known as STILL.

Stillwallart.jpgWest Elm brought the vision and inspiration for the product line by sharing photographs of nature such as flowers and leaves pressed between two pieces of glass.


The question became, how can we develop and produce something similar and scalable for the wall art category? After some research and refining the vision, West Elm discovered the perfect aesthetic in the work of artist Mary Jo Hoffman and her blog, STILL. The blog is dedicated to finding aspects of nature and capturing the simplicity and beauty in things around her on a daily basis.

                STILL by West Elm   STILL by West Elm

Mary Jo worked directly with New Era Portfolio’s Creative Director, Austin Blonde alongside Director of Client Relations, Brooke Elliott and West Elm’s Buyer, to perfect the illusion of flowers, feathers, pebbles and leaves pressed between two pieces of glass.

STILL by West ElmCreating the art took time, iterations and teamwork across all three parties but the final product as well worth the wait.

STILL by West Elm

The production process was another fun aspect to tackle. New Era was responsible for testing materials, production methods and sourcing the perfect frames. Choosing to print the images directly on acrylic glass gave the art the exact look West Elm was aiming for and aligned with Mary Jo’s mission to keep it minimalist and natural looking. The gold frames that were sourced gave the images that last pop to really complete the product.

STILL by West Elm

While the project took time and immense collaboration across multiple parties, the finished product is something all three can be very proud of.

               STILL by West Elm     STILL by West Elm

All Photos Courtesy of West Elm

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