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Trend Alert: Nature and Organic

Posted by Austin Blonde on Apr 13, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Lately, we’ve noticed a trend in the art world. There is a significant emphasis on design comprised of nature and all things natural, both in the subject matter and the materials from which it’s made.

he109a.jpgWe speculate this could be the reaction to the immense role technology has played and the growing function digital is having on our world. Regardless, the ‘return to nature’ theme is centered on celebrating our natural environment and the influence it has on our everyday lives. 


NE657A_F0000_ML000_PL_20_410.jpg               JZ131A.jpg

We saw this first hand in a recent project we worked on with West Elm and a natural artist and photographer. Outlined in the blog post, this trend was affirmed by the popular retailer. Others, such as Pantone have led the way in determining the direction by selecting colors that align with this theme in Rose Quartz and Serenity. 


NE118A_F0000_ML000_PL_20_410.jpg                 SA256A_F0000_ML000_PL_18_410.jpg

We have enjoyed working not only with our artists in building out our collections to align with this theme but also creating and curating our own content. Check out some of the examples!

NE109A_F0000_ML000_PL_20_410.jpg                  KR101A_F0000_ML000_PL_20_410.jpgSJ351A.jpg  rk101a.jpg


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