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Wallcovering: Digital Printing Helps to Push Design Boundaries

Posted by Austin Blonde on Mar 1, 2016 1:55:01 PM


Look around. Today’s commercial and residential spaces are full of exciting design. With the power to transform and enhance the value of a space and create a pleasant ambiance, customized interior wall decoration is in demand. Contemporary interior design is undergoing rapid, constant growth, generating strong demand for digital wallcoverings. Today, the trend is all about differentiation with unique, one-of-a-kind designs, ranging from graphics customized around a brand image to personalized designs reflecting individual tastes.

Move beyond traditional repetitive wallcovering patterns into a range of new applications, designs, and substrates with digitally produced murals. See how this translates to value for your clients by making their restaurant, office, or hotel more appealing, contemporary and relevant…it is the perfect tool to keep interiors trendy.

Beyond the transformative power of wall sized art, there are other reasons for wallcovering’s growing appeal:
  • Easier to hang and remove: Wallcoverings have been vastly improved, and are easier to hang and remove without damaging walls. Some are fabricated on a nonwoven substrate, so they make it easier to hide surface imperfections.
  • More environmentally friendly: Many wallcoverings today are made from eco-wise materials, such as water-based prints that breathe. Some with new vinyl coatings hold up better to bathroom steam and can be wiped free of dirt, grease, and fingerprints.
  • Wallcovering designs are more diverse than ever: From fine art paintings and graphic designs to cityscape photography murals, the breadth of content available is vast - this creates the opportunity to enhance any space on a deeply personalized level. Not to mention how easy technology has made the ability to customize every aspect of the designs to fit every project space perfectly.
  • Colors are brighter: Think aquas, oranges, purples, greens, yellows, hot pinks, metallic silvers and golds, and contrasting white and black combos. Pastels have also made inroads, and of course gray, the hot neutral, makes the cut.
  • Texture has become more pronounced: Metallics and crystals are being incorporated, as well as bits of suede, gels, beads, and cosmetic-style powders that change with light.
  • More inventive installations: Wallcovering is going beyond just a room’s four walls; nowadays, it’s viewed as a possibility for one accent wall, the ceiling, or in between ceiling beams or coffers. And it can be used to expand space, make it more intimate, or camouflage a problem.

Allow yourself to explore the possibilities of digital wallcovering without limitations. Contact your New Era Sales Representative to learn more about our wallcovering products!

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